quantum mechanics

The quantum eraser experiment is one of the weirdest phenomena that has ever been observed. It seems that quantum mechanics mixes past and future together. In this video, Fermilab’s Don Lincoln takes you through this quantum conundrum.

A woman with long brown hair holds three tricolor beach balls. To the left of her text that reads "neutrino oscillation."

Things get weird at the smallest scales — just take a look at the way neutrinos behave as they travel. In this episode, we’ll explore the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation through something a bit easier to grasp: beach balls. Join neutrino physicist Kirsty Duffy for some delightful quantum chaos.

A man with gray hair, glasses and a black blazer smiles. To the right of him, the question "Is light a wave or a particle?"

Quantum mechanics is one of the most confusing fields of contemporary physics. Fermilab’s Don Lincoln introduces the big ideas and prepares the viewer for a follow-on video that is even more mind-blowing.

From Tech2.org, Feb. 16, 2021: Though the findings from the Holometer mean that, for now, scientists still haven’t found a way to solve general relativity with quantum mechanics, its design and the research it enabled will shape future efforts to prove the intersection of relativity and quantum mechanics at Planck scales.

From The Great Courses Daily, May 5, 2020: Fermilab scientist Dan Hooper writes about how Einstein’s failure in achieving a unified field theory didn’t stop the others. Physicists continue to search for a theory of everything that unites the effects of general relativity with the quantum mechanical nature of our world.