quantum mechanics

From the New York Times, Nov. 30, 2022: Yesterday, a science team led by Cal Tech announced they had simulated a pair of black holes in a quantum computer and sent a message between them through a shortcut in space-time called a wormhole. Fermilab’s Joe Lykken co-authored the paper published in Nature yesterday and provides details on what the team uncovered.

Physicist Elmer Imes’ careful work to capture the spectra of molecules made clear the worth of the theory of quantum mechanics.

The quantum eraser experiment is one of the weirdest phenomena that has ever been observed. It seems that quantum mechanics mixes past and future together. In this video, Fermilab’s Don Lincoln takes you through this quantum conundrum.

A woman with long brown hair holds three tricolor beach balls. To the left of her text that reads "neutrino oscillation."

Things get weird at the smallest scales — just take a look at the way neutrinos behave as they travel. In this episode, we’ll explore the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation through something a bit easier to grasp: beach balls. Join neutrino physicist Kirsty Duffy for some delightful quantum chaos.