quantum physics


Black scientists have played important roles in the history of quantum physics. In this growing area of specialization, there’s an opportunity to continue that legacy.

The inability of scientists to create a theory of quantum gravity arises from long-standing tensions between general relativity and quantum mechanics. There have been few approaches with any success. Don Lincoln explains one of the few promising ideas, called loop quantum gravity, in this 9-minute video.

Weak force decays change the identity of a particle as well as its electrical charge. Scientists are looking for identity-changing decays with no change in electrical charge, which would point to new physics.

What does “color” mean in the quantum realm? And where did the idea come from? Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln explains in this 6-minute video.

How accurate are the predictions of quantum electrodynamics? QED predicted the value of the electron’s magnetic moment to one part in a trillion. Anytime you get that level of agreement, you know you did something right.