To understand the universe, you need to understand the different forces that govern it. In this 11-minute video, episode 6 of Subatomic Stories, Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln explains the nature of the forces that govern the microcosm.

Subatomic forces at the quantum level are best understood as a cloud of force-carrying particles jumping from one object to another. In Episode 5 of Subatomic Stories, Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln gives a brief explanation of this phenomenon, including two analogies for how this complicated mathematics can be understood.

With this six-minute video, Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln launches a special series called Subatomic Stories. You will learn a little bit about both the exciting subatomic world and the entire cosmos — and see how the two are inextricably linked. Each episode will focus on a specific topic, but the series will tell a much broader story.

If there’s one thing that we think we understand, it’s matter. However, all is not as it seems. Over the last century, scientists have learned that matter is very different from the way we traditionally think about it.

Scientists think that a Higgs force does exist. But it’s the Higgs boson’s relationship to that force that makes it a bit of a black sheep. It’s the reason that, when the Higgs is added to the Standard Model of particle physics, it’s often pictured apart from the rest of the boson family.