Have you been to see the Angela Gonzales exhibit at the Fermilab Art Gallery yet? If not, be sure to check it out. Fermilab’s first artist made a lasting mark on the laboratory — in drawings, on buildings, even by designing the Fermilab logo.

This set of five printable posters highlights five physics experiments, past and present, and one amazing lab. Take a scientific journey through a slice of Fermilab’s history.

A photographer appreciates a fellow artist’s work: This photographic detail of “Phage,” a Lichtenberg figure sculpture by Todd Johnson, was taken by Giulio Stancari. These Lichtenberg sculptures by Johnson are also known as shockfossils. You can see Johnson’s and other Fermilab staff’s artwork in the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Artist Chris Henschke’s latest piece inspired by particle physics machinery is the closest he’s gotten to the real thing.