In the world of particle physics, scientists work with tiny, invisible particles, tracking their collisions and interactions with one another. But what if you could render them as music? What would these songs of the subatomic sound like? Adam Nadel, Fermilab’s 2018 artist-in-residence, worked with scientists at Fermilab and set out to do just that. Read on to hear his music.

Have you been looking for a way to spruce up your office with some fetching Fermilab art? We may have what you’re looking for. The DOE Office of Technology Transitions has just published a new series of posters that capture success stories from all 17 Department of Energy national laboratories. The Fermilab poster features the lab’s role in advancing the superconducting wire industry. The original art, nostalgic in flavor, features the Tevatron and Wilson Hall.

Don’t wait a moment longer. Has your child drawn on your office whiteboard? Share a picture of it with the lab. We’ll showcase submissions on DASTOW day, Thursday, April 25. Submit your child’s whiteboard drawing through the photo submission form on News at Work (must be on Fermilab network or VPNed). Include: Name: Your name Headline: “Whiteboard drawing by [your child’s name]” Main text: Brief description of the drawing Caption field: Optional. You can include more detail here if you…