dark matter

From Futurism, Dec. 11, 2018: No matter how confident we are that it’s out there, dark matter continues to evade our brightest physicists. Now, yet another experiment designed to pick up on signs of dark matter’s presence has turned up nothing at all. Fermilab’s Dan Hooper comments on results from the COSINE-100 experiment.

From Science News, Dec. 5, 2018: The COSINE-100 searched for particles using the same type of detector as another experiment, whose researchers said they had strong evidence that dark matter was interacting in their detector. COSINE-100 found no evidence of the evasive subatomic particles. Fermilab scientist Dan Hooper comments on COSINE-100’s findings.

From CNN, Nov. 20, 2018: Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln talks about a stellar stream called S1, which consists of nearly 100 stars of similar age and composition, orbiting the Milky Way in a direction exactly opposite that of normal stars.

Dark matter vibes

SuperCDMS physicists are testing a way to amp up dark matter vibrations to help them search for lighter particles.