dark matter

From the The Globe and Mail (Canada), Aug. 5, 2023: Scientists and researchers at SNOLAB are assembling a new experiment known as the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search to help solve the mystery of, what is the dark of dark matter? Fermilab associate scientist, Daniel Baxter who worked at the SNOLAB facility two kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface, weighs in.

From Big Think, July 23, 2023: Fermilab’s Don Lincoln discusses how using a powerful particle accelerator, researchers at Fermilab have attempted to create a very light form of dark matter and recently published their results.

From Phys.org, Jan. 25, 2023: Researchers at Fermilab, Northwestern University and Stanford University recently demonstrated an entirely new method for searching for meV dark matter. The group is testing a hypothesis that when the rest energy of a dark photon matches the energy splitting of the two lowest cyclotron levels, the first state of the electron cyclotron will be excited.

From Big Think, Jan. 6, 2023: While astronomers debate the existence of dark matter, Don Lincoln breaks down a new paper published in Nature Astronomy that claims to debunk a key observation that strengthens the case that the Universe is full of unseen matter.