Neutron stars are like huge natural dark matter detectors and might hold a key to helping us understand elusive dark matter. By observing a cold neutron star, physicists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics, might have vital information about the interactions between dark and regular matter, shedding light on the nature of this elusive substance. Dr. Sandra Robles of Fermilab is part of the collaboration on this research.

From, March 8, 2022: The Department of Energy celebrates Women’s History Month with postcard stories of women in the energy workforce who faced challenges but followed their passions and continue to make a difference. View Jessica Esquivel’s postcard as she advocates for creating just and equitable spaces in physics.

From ABC 7 Chicago, December 10, 2021: Last Friday, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm toured Fermilab as she highlighted clean energy programs helping battle climate change. Fermilab was the final stop on the secretary’s two-day visit to Illinois that was part of a series of visits to highlight projects around the county that are making a positive impact on the environment.

From The Chicago Sun-Times, December 7, 2021: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will visit and tour Fermilab on Friday with Gov. Pritzker and Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood and Rep. Bobby Rush, the chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Energy subcommittee. The visit aims to highlight how the historic climate investments of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda will help lower energy costs and generate good-paying, union jobs.

From CNN, August 10, 2021: Fermilab’s Don Lincoln discusses the sixth version of the IPCC climate report released on Monday on the dangers of advancing global warming , cleaner forms of energy and storing energy using new battery technologies.

From CNN, August 2, 2021: Don Lincoln describes the mastery of physics Olympic athletes have as demonstrated by their physical feats. Read more about how Olympic athletes apply the principles of physics and use amazing amounts of energy, skill and precision to run, throw a discus, balance on the balance beam or launch the javelin.

From the DOE, March 25, 2021: Read more about the swearing in of David M. Turk as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) by Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, following a bipartisan vote of 98-2 in the United States Senate.