Update: We will depart from the bike racks near the Wilson Hall west ground floor entrance. Join the Fermilab Young Professionals for an easy group bike ride around some of the less traveled areas of Fermilab on Oct. 11! We will have stops along the route where a few of our fellow FYP members will describe the building/area and what work goes on there. Snacks will be provided, and we will end the ride at the Frontier Pub. · RSVP… More »

Paul Tillich was one of the most influential theologians of the last century. His book “The Courage to Be” attempts to create a foundation of faith not based on belief in Biblical revelation but from the existential human experience of existence. This fundamental experience is based on Tillich’s concept of ‘the courage to be’ which must overcome three sources of human anxiety and non being and which he sees as a foundation of spiritual experience. Everybody is welcome. Feel free… More »

The current Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) call for proposals has been issued! Come learn more about the LDRD program and come with your questions especially if you are considering submitting a proposal. An LDRD Information Session will be held at 12 noon in Curia II on Thursday August 16th. The final due date to receive preliminary proposals is Aug 31. Note: the preliminary proposals require supervisor and division signatures and so some divisions wish to see them a… More »

Speaker: Melody Guan Title: Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameter Sharing Abstract We propose Efficient Neural Architecture Search (ENAS), a fast and inexpensive approach for automatic model design. In ENAS, a controller learns to discover neural network architectures by searching for an optimal subgraph within a large computational graph. The controller is trained with policy gradient to select a subgraph that maximizes the expected reward on the validation set. Meanwhile the model corresponding to the selected subgraph is trained to… More »

What: Meeting of the Inclusivity Journal Club When: Friday, June 29 at noon Where: Conjectorium (WH3E) The Inclusivity Journal Club meets monthly to discuss academic literature related to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in STEM. This month’s discussion is centered on the recent NASEM report, “Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine”. We will focus specifically on Chapter Six, in which methods are discussed for creating a more inclusive and equitable climate… More »