From William & Mary, Feb. 15, 2019: Scientist Patricia Vahle, a William & Mary professor and NOvA co-spokesperson, Patricia Vahle, Mansfield Professor of Physics at William & Mary, gives a talk on “The Quest to Understand Neutrino Masses” at the annual meeting of the American Association of the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C. Neutrinos are one of the most abundant particles in the universe. And because of their interesting properties, physicists look to a fuller understanding of neutrinos to help unravel the universe’s mysteries.

Leo thinks it will be the last part of his presentation of what he calls a book report of Jimena Canales’ The Physicist & the Philosopher. The book is devoted to discussion on the problem of time; in the center are figures of A. Einstein and H. Bergson. Both times our room was full of people. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch. Links to the slides of the 1st and 2nd part can be found at… More »

The Fermilab Bible Exploration for Lunch League will be hosting an Explore God discussion group, during the same two months as hundreds of other groups in the Chicago area.  We will be discussing 7 big questions: Does life have a purpose?  Is there a God?  Why does God allow pain and suffering?  Is Christianity too narrow?  Is Jesus really God?  Is the Bible reliable?  Can I know God personally?  The meetings will be on Tuesdays at noon, beginning January 15… More »

Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory are co-hosting the 2018 Midwest Regional Accelerating Stewardship Workshop from Dec. 5-6. The Fermilab part of the workshop takes place on Dec. 5 at the IARC building. Workshop details are online:

Update: We will depart from the bike racks near the Wilson Hall west ground floor entrance. Join the Fermilab Young Professionals for an easy group bike ride around some of the less traveled areas of Fermilab on Oct. 11! We will have stops along the route where a few of our fellow FYP members will describe the building/area and what work goes on there. Snacks will be provided, and we will end the ride at the Frontier Pub. · RSVP… More »