quantum information science

A new joint task force initiative between the University of Chicago, Argonne and Fermilab will provide seed funding for collaborative projects in AI and quantum information science. The new grants programs will offer a total of $400K funding for projects that advance scientific discovery and insights in these two fields. The grants programs are part of a larger Joint Task Force Initiative, organized by the University of Chicago’s Office of Research and National Laboratories, which aims to encourage new interactions… More »

A Fermilab group has found a way to simulate, using a quantum computer, a class of particles that had resisted typical computing methods. Their novel approach opens doors to an area previously closed off to quantum simulation in areas beyond particle physics, thanks to cross-disciplinary inspiration.

Fermilab’s quantum program includes a number of leading-edge research initiatives that build on the lab’s unique capabilities as the U.S. center for high-energy physics and a leader in quantum physics research. On the tour, researchers discussed quantum technologies for communication, high-energy physics experiments, algorithms and theory, and superconducting qubits hosted in superconducting radio-frequency cavities.