In the news

From Inside Science, Nov. 2, 2016: In this 3-minute video, DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson talks about Fermilab’s search for neutrinos and how scientists capture the rare interactions of the elusive particles. Fermilab’s DUNE animation is featured.

From Deep Thoughts, Oct. 24, 2016: The science at Sanford Lab directly contributes to South Dakota’s economy, and according to the facility, it’s only going to grow with the installation of LBNF.

From Northwest Quarterly, Oct. 10, 2016: Our universe is a mystery. We don’t know what most of it is made of; we don’t know how it all works. But by using the largest, most complex machines in the world, scientists at Fermilab are figuring it out.

From Nature, Sept. 22, 2016: Cronin, scientist at the University of Chicago and who held leadership position at Fermilab, won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of violations of fundamental symmetry principles in the decay of neutral K mesons.