On Thursday, workers mated the Dark Energy Camera 570-megapixel imager, seen here hanging from a crane, to the corrector optics of the Blanco telescope at the Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory in Chile. This image was taken by the DECam webcam.

This month, Fermilab technicians and Dark Energy Survey collaborators installed the last of 62 science-quality charged coupling devices, or CCD’s, into the imager for the Dark Energy Camera currently housed at SiDet. CCDs work like film, and each one contains 8 million pixels. The camera also has another 12 CCDs of 4 million pixels each for guiding and focusing. The imager will head to Chile in mid-August for installation on the Blanco telescope. DES collaborators in Chile just finished installing the off-telescope components of the DECam imager liquid-nitrogen cooling system in preparation for the camera’s arrival.