Don Lincoln

Don Lincoln highlights how a recent development described in the journal Nature involving miniature particle accelerator technology could advance cancer treatment. Although the technology is a long way from being perfected, it could take the form of a pocket-sized accelerator that could irradiate tumors more precisely without damaging health tissue.

Are parallel universes real?

Fermilab’s Don Lincoln explores if additional dimensions of space exist beyond our 3-dimensional world. Maybe the exploring the existence of ghosts can offer up some clues?

What is the shape of space itself?

Don Lincoln explores Einstein’s theory of general relativity as introducing the concept of space having a shape. So, what is the shape of space?

Is gravity a force? It’s complicated

Which theory on gravity is the most accurate at describing reality? Don Lincoln suggests perhaps we have reached a moment of scientific Zen and that gravity just is.

Fermilab’s Don Lincoln describes the annular eclipse that will occur this Saturday, Oct. 14. Break out your eclipse protective eyewear because the thin ring of sunlight that will encircle the moon is very bright even though Illinois is not in the path of maximum coverage.

From Big Think: A recent series of precise measurements of the Moon confirms that there are two types of mass which are the same. In Einstein’s most advanced theory, there are three “kinds” of mass that are thought to be one and the same but there is no fundamental reason why. Don Lincolns explains why.

From the CERN Courier, July 5, 2023: As the popular face of Fermilab on YouTube and outreach events, Don Lincoln discusses the importance of science communications and outreach in an interview with the Courier.