From Kathimerini (Greece), June 14, 2021: A multinational team of 400 researchers from 25 research centers in seven countries announced the results of the DES study that looked at 226 million galaxies and thousands of supernova explosions. The DES measurements, like those of other similar galactic surveys, informed us that the current universe is less dense than our model predicts.

From Cosmos, May 29, 2021: The Dark Energy Survey collaboration released the most precise look at the universe’s evolution to understand dark matter and dark energy by studying how they shape the large-scale structure of the universe.

From The Florida News Times, May 28, 2021: A highly accurate analysis of the DES data from the first three years of the study, show hints from previous DES data and other important experiments in the universe today are a few percent less than expected. The Dark Energy Survey Camera (DECam) used in the survey was specially designed for the Dark Energy Survey, and was funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) and built and tested at DOE’s Fermilab.

From the University of Chicago, May 21, 2021: Long-time University of Chicago professor of astronomy and astrophysics, Richard Kron created the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which set the stage for the Dark Energy Survey. Although he is retiring this year after 40 years of mapping the universe, he plans on staying on as director of the Dark Energy Survey.