Fermilab Natural Areas

From Daily Herald, Nov. 27, 2020: Fermilab Natural Areas is restoring 500 acres of grassland near Eola Road at Fermilab to serve as a breeding habitat for several endangered and threatened bird species that do not use tallgrass prairies or woodlands, such as the upland sandpiper, bobolink and Henslow’s sparrow.

Research has shown that the presence of trees and woody vegetation in grasslands can significantly reduce the area occupied by grassland birds. To maximize usable habitat in the Eola grasslands at Fermilab, the first step is to clear the open fields of woody vegetation and trees. FNA received this grant to support the first phase of the project and hire a contractor to remove trees from this area.

Baby bison season is here, and all are welcome to visit with and photograph the newborns. Fermilab is expecting the new babies to be joined by at least 10 more over the next six weeks.