From FOX 32 Chicago, April 19, 2022: Fox News Chicago’s Tim McGill visited Fermilab yesterday for a first-hand look at the lab’s newest bison calves and the well-known herd. Herdsman Cleo Garcia shared with McGill his experiences and the behaviors he has observed in caring for the bison for the past 11 years.

From FOX News Chicago, March 29, 2022: For the first time in two years, Fermilab welcomed back visitors on March 28. FOX News asks Fermilab’s Alison Markovitz what is new for the public as the lab reopens and what visitors can expect on the grounds and with outdoor activities.

From WGN news radio, March 2, 2022: Fermilab’s bison camera is live and the word is spreading in Chicagoland on how the public can view the bison 24/7! Herdsman Cleo Garcia joined Lisa Dent on WGN’s Chicago afternoon news sharing how he cares for the bison herd and news on the much anticipated bison calves Fermilab is expecting this spring.

From Tia Sang (Vietnam), April 27, 2021: Fermilab keeps a strong connection with nature and history where he places modern accelerators, through her messenger of nature – the American bison.