In the U.S., National Bison Day is celebrated the first Saturday in November. Here at Fermilab we celebrate bison every day, but especially in the spring when the bison have their babies. This year, once again, the baby bison were born without the normal paparazzi presence. Fermilab families usually take a field trip to see the babies in May. Instead we can all celebrate Virtual Bison Day together. Thank you to all who submitted questions for Virtual Bison Day. Your…

Bison family

Three adult bison graze on grass. Two calves flank them, also grazing. Two more calves to the right of the herd lie in the grass. Behind them, fence posts, metal fencing, trees and some buildings.

On May 14, 2021, a group from the bison herd, including some of its newest members, graze on the Fermilab campus.

Do you ever wonder about the bison at Fermilab? How did they get here? Why are they here? Do they dream? Submit your questions and your children’s questions about the bison here,  for an exclusive video interview with Cleo Garcia, the bison herdsman! The interview is being recorded Monday, so act fast! Since we cannot all come together and visit with the bison for Bison Day, we are going to have a virtual Bison Day this year. Stay tuned for…

From Tia Sang (Vietnam), April 27, 2021: Fermilab keeps a strong connection with nature and history where he places modern accelerators, through her messenger of nature – the American bison.