wildlife, nature, animal, reptile, snake, Wilson Hall, building, A snake tans itself on the pedestrian path to Wilson Hall.

Many animals are on the move in fall to find a safe place to spend winter. What should you do if you find an animal inside a building or in an unusual spot outdoors?

Gone fishing

A Fermilab employee holds a fish, water source at the side

In mid-September, Bill Dymond, technical specialist, spent some lunchtime fun catch-and-release fishing near the Main Injector, bringing in a 5-lb., 14-oz., 22.25-inch-long small mouth bass — a personal best.

A bald eagle at Fermilab

Late one afternoon in mid-September, a bald eagle perches on a Tevatron Ring dam near the E2 service building.

Bright, sunshiny day

On Sept. 8, a brilliant morning sun shining through the leaves of a favorite sugar maple tree greets those coming onto the Fermilab campus, making for a beautiful start to the day.

Meeting of the minds

Their migration having started, great egrets congregate on A.E. Sea on Fermilab’s campus while a great blue heron (left) looks on.