From National Geographic (Spain), April 29, 2021: Fermilab houses some of the last remnants of small populations of historical plants as told by Fermilab ecologist, Walter Levernier.

On April 28, baby bison season officially began. The first calf of the year was born in the late morning, and mother and baby are doing well. Fermilab is expecting between 12 and 14 new calves this spring.

Beginning in August, Fermilab’s Batavia Road gate came under the watchful eyes of several sandhill cranes. As employees and visitors alike passed through the gate, it would be difficult to miss these stately sentinels.

A furry critter and its four-mile trek through an accelerator pipe comes to the lab’s rescue in its early days.

The Fermilab bison herd is now in pictures! Watch a 2-minute video, look at a map of the herd’s heritage, and read a playful letter of introduction from the lab’s first herd.

The Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory invites buffalo fans to visit its herd of about 50 buffalo, including 7 young animals born since late March.