From National Geographic (Spain), April 29, 2021: Fermilab houses some of the last remnants of small populations of historical plants as told by Fermilab ecologist, Walter Levernier.

From Tia Sang (Vietnam), April 27, 2021: Fermilab keeps a strong connection with nature and history where he places modern accelerators, through her messenger of nature – the American bison.

For the 11th year in a row, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is inviting families, scout troops and other youth groups to attend the Family Outdoor Fair on Sunday, June 9, from 1-4 p.m. The fair takes place outside the Lederman Science Center and highlights the plant and animal life found on the 6,800-acre Fermilab site in Batavia.

Beginning in August, Fermilab’s Batavia Road gate came under the watchful eyes of several sandhill cranes. As employees and visitors alike passed through the gate, it would be difficult to miss these stately sentinels.

From The 21st, May 5, 2016: Check out this interview between The 21st and Rod Walton, Fermilab environmental consultant, as he helps us get better acquainted with the hoofed beasts that may soon be named the national mammal.