Wilson Hall

Night lights

A spectacular view of the nighttime lights of IERC reaching out to Wilson Hall.

The annual Wilson Hall window washing project has begun and will encompass exterior and interior windows. The exterior phase of this project has begun and will focus on the east exposure on Aug. 9, the west exposure on Aug. 10 and the north exposure on Aug. 11, subject to weather.

Clorica will conduct the annual Wilson Hall window washing from Monday, Aug. 8, through Friday, Aug. 26. The schedule for the interior office space is as follows: Monday, Aug. 15: floors 15, 14, 13 Tuesday, Aug. 16: floors 12, 11, 10 Wednesday, Aug. 17: floors 9, 8, 7, 6 Thursday, Aug. 18: floors 5, 4, 3, 1 Friday, Aug. 19: 2, mezzanine, ground Please clear all items from your windows including desks, chairs, bookcases and other objects. The atrium windows…

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