Agencies in the United States and France have signed statements expressing interest to work together on the development and production of technical components for PIP-II, a major particle accelerator project with substantial international contributions. In addition, the French agencies also plan to collaborate on DUNE, an international flagship science project that will unlock the mysteries of neutrinos.

It was my privilege to inform staff of the significant progress we’ve made at PIP-II, as well as give a run-down of our substantial to-do list in making PIP-II a world-leading accelerator project. Our strong, experienced team is doing excellent work, and we’re grateful to an effective Integrated Project Team, the Office of High-Energy Physics, the DOE Fermi Site Office and the Fermilab Directorate for their strong support.

The building boom

These international projects, selected during the process to plan the future of U.S. particle physics, are all set to come online within the next 10 years.