accelerator complex

Roshanda Spillers is a lifelong student. With five academic degrees under her belt and more to come, she’s one of the vital lab staff who make sure that the experiments’ electronics are in working order and that the particle accelerators are well-maintained. A new grandmother who’s learning piano while going to school, she encourages those who love science to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

It’s always great when every one of Fermilab’s nine particle accelerators are turned on and provide beam. With the lab again firing on all accelerator-cylinders, we thought it would be a good time to provide a rundown of each of the members of Fermilab’s accelerator complex. Get to know Fermilab’s suite of accelerators and storage rings.

From Tecnomania, March 21, 2018: Esta animación muestra sobre unas bonitas imágenes aéreas el funcionamiento de los aceleradores de partículas del Fermilab –nombre coloquial del Laboratorio Nacional Fermi– que se construyó en 1967 en Illinois (Estados Unidos) hace ya la friolera de más de 50 años. Actualmente lo están «actualizando» y ampliando para llevar a cabo nuevos experimentos.

Scientists, engineers and technicians at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have achieved for high-energy neutrino experiments a world record: a sustained 521-kilowatt beam generated by the Main Injector particle accelerator.