As a child, Kirsty Duffy learned about the smallest building blocks that make up the world and was inspired to pursue physics through high school and college. She talks not only about self-doubt in one’s abilities, but the thrill of making a discovery and being the one to share it with the world.

A scientist on DUNE, Karl Warburton discusses how every physicist always adds something to the field since every individual approaches the study in a new way.

Jessica Esquivel was a nontraditional student in grad school who faced a number of challenges in addition to the usual rigors of earning a physics degree. Now a physicist at Fermilab, Esquivel researches neutrino physics and software development.

Krista Majewski: “What I like about programming is the breaking down of problems and being able to solve things.”

With Feb. 11 marking the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, female physicists, engineers and computer scientists from CERN and Fermilab share their experiences of building a career in science.