A tessellated image of a white cap with a blue dot on the right edge, with shadow surrounding. This image is tessellated many times. A single cap, center right, is different: It has a white dot with a white concentric circle around it on top. No blue.

DESI will capture and study the light from tens of millions of galaxies and other distant objects to better understand our universe and the properties of dark energy. The formal start of DESI’s five-year survey follows a four-month trial run of its custom instrumentation that captured 4-million spectra of galaxies — more than the combined output of all previous spectroscopic surveys. Fermilab has contributed multiple components to the international collaboration led by Berkeley Lab.

Volunteer opportunities are available for the Einstein and Hopper FIRST LEGO League Illinois Championship Tournaments. 650 Illinois students ages 9 to 14 will compete on 100 teams. FIRST LEGO League is a friendly, high-tech event that challenges young participants to learn together as teams. The theme this season is Into Orbit. Teams have programmed and built autonomous robots, using the LEGO Mindstorms system, to perform a number of challenges. Teams have also completed a research project and have identified a…