technology transfer

Please join us for a brief ceremony celebrating innovation at Fermilab and honoring more than 40 individuals who received patents or filed Records of Invention during 2019. The awards ceremony will be followed by a special lecture entitled, “Speaking While Thinking: Reflecting on a Few Lessons Learned as a Woman Among Scientists (and Doctors and Bankers),” by Michelle Hoffmann, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences, P33 Chicago. The event will be held at the IARC Building Lecture Hall from 10 a.m….

What began as an experiment in a nine-ounce cup of water has been developed into a full-scale technology that recently became a finalist for a 2019 R&D 100 Award. Achieving the honor was E-MOP™ — electromagnetic oil spill remediation technology — developed from patents owned by Fermilab. The technology uses materials that are environmentally safe, reusable and natural.

For the first time, a team at Fermilab has cooled and operated a superconducting radio-frequency cavity — a crucial component of superconducting particle accelerators — using cryogenic refrigerators, breaking the tradition of cooling cavities by immersing them in a bath of liquid helium. The demonstration is a major breakthrough in the effort to develop lean, compact accelerators for medicine, the environment and industry.

Engineers at Fermilab have shown that sometimes, to reshape the metal heart of a particle accelerator, what you need is a balloon. The new, patented technique is a novel solution to a problem that affects an essential component of accelerators: superconducting cavities.