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Throwback Thursday to March 2006, when this photo was taken. Fermilab’s Duane Newhart sits inside a giant magnet, whose construction began in 1947.

I took my 12-year-old daughter and her friend to see the movie “Hidden Figures” last winter. The film really hit a nerve with her and sparked several candid conversations about diversity.

Effective April 26, 2016, Chris Mossey, deputy director for the LBNF Project, is chief engineer for Fermilab for an initial two-year appointment.

The John Bardeen Engineering Leadership Program is designed to provide employment opportunities for outstanding engineering graduates who are interested in working in a cutting edge research environment. Applicants must be recipients of a master or doctoral degree in engineering from an accredited institution and apply within three years of graduation or completion of a first postdoctoral position. This program provides successful candidates full-time employment at Fermilab without term limit.