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From Physics World, July 26, 2022: Appointed by Robert Wilson in 1970, Helen Edwards was the accelerator scientist who oversaw the construction and implementation of the Tevatron, from planning right until the end of its scientific operation. Thirteen years later, the Tevatron was started to later discover the Bc meson in 1998, the top quark in 1995 and the tau neutrino in 2000.

From (University Research Association), June 30, 2022: Matthew Portman’s research on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument was accepted by the URA’s Visiting Scholars Program Review Panel and was awarded funding to work at Fermilab where he worked with Dr. Antonella Palmese, a former Visiting Scholar herself. Portman’s curiosity for gravitational waves and coding knowledge allowed him to merge both physics and computer science while at Fermilab.

From, July 21, 2022: An interview with Fermilab’s artist-in-residence, Mare Hirsch on her creative journey studying music and work in computational fabrication while collaborating with scientists to create data-driven art. Hirsch is now working with Muon g-2 scientists to visually represent aspects of particle physics such as muon precessions and virtual particles.

From Radiology Business, July 21, 2022: Read more about the research collaboration between NYU Langone and SQMS in a pilot program which will pair two young researchers from each institution. The aim of the program is for researchers to develop algorithms used by future SQMS quantum computers to make accurate and rapid estimations of multiple tissue properties from MRI scans.

From (University Research Association), July 19, 2022: Ohana Benevides Rodrigues, a physics doctoral student at Syracuse University participated in the URA Visiting Scholars Program, helping her to develop a strong affinity for physics and establish a home at Fermilab. Her experiences at the lab enabled her to work on MicroBooNE and take part in the hardware assembly of the Short-Baseline Near Detector.

From Science, April 28, 2022: Fermilab’s Aaron Chou describes how his work on the ADMX keeping quantum sensors isolated from the environment in studying rare events that could be dark matter.

From Physics World, July 19, 2022: Fermilab’s new director, Lia Merminga is interviewed in the July issue of Physics World. Read more on what inspired her and the journey of her science career that led to her becoming the first female lab director at Fermilab.

From The Big Think, July 8, 2022: Science writer and astrophysicist Ethan Siegel explores how the design of Fermilab’s DUNE experiment aims to detect neutrino oscillations from one flavor into another when neutrinos travel 1300 km through the earth.

From the Department of Energy Office of Science, July 13, 2022: DOE announced $78 million in funding for 58 research projects that will spur new discoveries in high energy physics. The announcement covers a wide range of topics at the frontiers of particle physics, including Fermilab’s Muon g-2 and the MicroBooNE experiments.