Happy birthday, CMS

On Oct. 1, 1992, a letter of intent was submitted to the LHC Experiments Committee, officially marking the formation of the CMS collaboration. A new experiment at CERN was born.

On Tuesday, Fermilab celebrated the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the neutrino with cake in the Wilson Hall atrium. On June 14, 1956, Los Alamos scientists Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines sent a telegram to Wolfgang Pauli confirming they had “definitely detected neutrinos.”

Save the date

Fermilab is turning 50 … in 2017! This may seem like a really early save-the-date for a birthday party, but when you’re celebrating the birth of a 6,800-acre lab with 1,700 employees, 20 bison and the nation’s largest particle accelerator complex, you need to start planning early.