From New Scientist: Join Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln on April 4 for a presentation on Fermilab: Solving the Mysteries of Matter and Energy, Space and Time. Here he will explain how America’s flagship particle physics facility has taught us so much about our universe and how it works. Pre-registration is required.

From the Daily Herald, February 4, 2022: The Daily Herald Editorial Board heralds Fermilab as a gem in the Batavia region for the past 55 years with the important science work the lab has done and continues to do in the future.

From Silicon Republic (Ireland), July 7, 2021: Sinéad Ryan, a professor of theoretical high-energy physics at Trinity College Dublin, describes her postdoctoral research work on lattice QCD at Fermilab, the next-generation of exascale computing and the structural barriers and imbalance of diversity in the physics community.