international relations

The FACCTS (France And Chicago Collaborating in The Sciences) Program will again offer one grant of up to $15,000 to support new or developing research projects that promote meaningful scientific exchange between Fermilab researchers and teams in France, and that show promise of leading to fruitful and sustainable collaboration. Application deadline: December 3, 2018 Article on FACCTS at Fermilab: Fermilab Strengthens Trans-Atlantic Research (July 5, 2018) For more information or to apply: Contact with questions: Daniel Bertsche ( See…

From World Nuclear News, Aug. 20, 2018: An intergovernmental agreement on a neutrino physics collaboration, signed with Fermilab in April, has opened the possibility of for in-kind contributions by the two countries to each other’s neutrino projects.

From Agência FAPESP, July 19, 2018: Uma parceria duradoura entre a comunidade científica brasileira e o Fermilab está se tornando mais forte, graças aos programas da FAPESP de financiamento à pesquisa.