muon collider

With the most recent P5 report, particle physicists have come together to chart a course for the next decade which includes focus on the international DUNE experiment taking place at Fermilab and in Lead, South Dakota.

The dream machine

An accelerator known as a muon collider could revolutionize particle physics—if it can be built. The December 2023 P5 report calls for R&D on a muon collider, stating, “This is our muon shot.” A muon collider could fit on the campus of Fermilab, enabling the U.S. to reclaim the lead in the continuing competition for the highest energy collider.

Plotting the future course of US particle physics

The P5 panel’s recent recommendation of “our muon shot”, states that a muon accelerator program would fit with the U.S.’s ambition to host a major international collider facility. With the development, it would probe an understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and offer substantial benefits when it comes to training the next generation of scientists.