Mark your calendar for some summertime fun, complete with music, baseball and fireworks! On July 3, as part of your holiday weekend festivities, plan to attend to the Kane County Cougars baseball game. The Kane County Cougars are offering a discount for Fermilab employees, users, affiliates and their immediate families. If you buy one ticket, you will get a second ticket free! The Plant Band, featuring Fermilab’s own Derek Plant, Wally Kissel and Mark Schmitz (retired), will play a pre-game, classic rock concert,…

A man with close-cut brown hair and beard wears blue glasses and smiles at camera. In the background, blurred mountains, valley and sky.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory has selected David Biedenbender as its 2021-22 guest composer. The program, now in its second year, provides a composer the opportunity to interpret Fermilab research through music and celebrate the relationship between art and science. Biedenbender has a history of creating music inspired by physics.

From Yale University, Jan. 22, 2021: For his new piece of music, “MicroBooNE,” David Ibbett, Fermilab’s first composer-in-residence, collaborated with physics professor Bonnie Fleming through a series of discussions about the science behind the experiment that inspired the composition. The neutrino-inspired piece premiered on Dec. 8, 2020, as part of the Fermilab Arts and Lectures Series.