In an educational turning of the tables, first- through fifth-graders evaluated Fermilab scientists’ abilities to illuminate and educate at their school’s first reverse science fair. Three competing groups of scientists demoed neutrino detection, muon precession and particle acceleration in fun, accessible ways, and the elementary school students got to decide who received the blue ribbon.

From Kane County Chronicle, Feb. 5, 2020: Some people might think that Fermilab physicists are unapproachable eggheads, probing the deepest mysteries of science from their secluded laboratories without personal lives or connections to the rest of humanity. At their first reverse science fair, students at J.B. Nelson Elementary found out Fermilab scientists are just like everyone else — they aren’t geniuses. They just like science a lot.

We are looking for supervisors/jobs for teachers that will be at Fermilab this summer as part of the Fermilab TRAC program. Any Fermilab employee or user can be a mentor and I would be happy to talk with anyone who would like to learn more about mentoring, or to discuss job possibilities. The teachers are at Fermilab for 8 weeks starting in early June and are fully paid for by the TRAC program. Past mentors of teachers on this programs…

From Kane County Chronicle, Feb. 4, 2020: This year’s events will feature The Great Neutrino Hunt, The Mr. Freeze Cryogenics Show, live physics demonstrations, a physics carnival developed and presented by high school students, and several activities for kids and their parents. The event also will feature tours of the Linear Accelerator Gallery and the Muon g-2 experiment and a driving tour of the site.

From The Beacon-News, Jan. 30, 2020: Physics lovers of all ages are invited to the annual Fermilab Family Open House from 1 to 5 p.m. Feb. 9. Fermilab’s Amanda Early talks about how kids and grownups alike will get excited about science through the demos and tours at this free event.

The Field Museum and the Consulate General of France in Chicago are partnering to present Chicago’s first ever “Night of Ideas: Alive!” on Thursday, Jan. 30, from 6 p.m. to midnight. The Field describes the event as “a global celebration of art, science, scholarship, and community.” Fermilab will contribute to three activities at the event: two participants in the 2019 Physics Slam will reprise their presentations at the Field, three scientists will engage with the public in provocative conversations and…

Science Storytellers brings together two groups of innately curious individuals: scientists and children. In the Science Storytellers program, kids act as science journalists interviewing real-life scientists. Afterward, they share what they learned. Research shows that transmitting scientific knowledge to the public is important, but actually shifting someone’s opinions requires engaging with them in a two-way dialogue and treating them as a whole, complicated person with knowledge, experiences and influences of their own.

Fermilab held its second Wonderful Women in STEM Conference for high school girls on Nov. 2 and the first Superheroes in STEM Conference open to all high school students on Nov. 16. The Hispanic/Latino Forum group, which is part of the diversity and inclusion program at Fermilab, led the effort. More than 100 students from the Chicago area and their parents were engaged in each activity, some of them visiting Fermilab for the first time.

Since 2010, the African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications has provided education to hundreds of students. The ASP is a three-week summer program for university-level students from across the continent of Africa. Participants learn about nuclear and particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology, accelerator physics, high-performance computing, quantum information and more. For some students, it’s the first time they hear about some of these topics.

From Daily North Shore, Nov. 12, 2019: New Trier Township High School juniors Paul Graham and Ellie Winkler have spent the past year working with a team of 15 other Chicago-area high school students and teachers to propose, design, build and analyze a unique high-energy physics experiment for Fermilab.