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From Chicago Quantum Exchange, Nov. 23, 2020: The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit brought together more than 20 speakers from across the nation and attracted more than 1,000 attendees from 42 countries. This year’s summit comes on the heels of the announcement of five new Department of Energy National Quantum Information Science Research Centers, one of which is the Fermilab-led Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center. At the summit, each center director gave an overview of their quantum center or institute goals, which included building qubit technologies, developing algorithms for quantum computation, and creating new quantum devices.

From Inside Science, Nov. 12, 2020: A recent experiment has created a one-way quantum network between two labs, reaching a milestone on the path to creating a quantum internet. Fermilab Deputy Director Joe Lykken weighs in.

Fermilab plays a key role in the Quantum Science Center, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The center unites Oak Ridge’s powerhouse capabilities in supercomputing and materials science with Fermilab’s world-class high-energy physics instrumentation and measurement expertise and facilities. Drawing on their experience building and operating experiments in cosmology and particle physics and in quantum information science, the Fermilab team is engaging in QSC efforts to develop novel, advanced quantum technologies.

From Data Manager Online, Oct. 29, 2020: Nuovi amplificatori quantistici ultrasensibili in grado di migliorare la trasmissione di dati e qubit nei computer del futuro. Le attività che verranno sviluppate all’interno del progetto “Dart wars” hanno forti sinergie con il progetto americano “Sqms” (Superconducting quantum materials and systems center), guidato dall’italiana Anna Grassellino presso il Fermilab di Chicago, che ha recentemente ricevuto un finanziamento di 115 milioni di dollari dal Dipartimento dell’energia degli Stati Uniti, per sviluppare in cinque anni un computer quantistico d’avanguardia, dalle prestazioni e velocità di calcolo mai raggiunte finora.

From the Chicago Quantum Exchange, Oct. 29, 2020: Quantum technology experts from around the country will convene virtually from Nov. 11-13 to forge new partnerships amid an exciting year for quantum research. The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit will feature Anna Grassellino, director of the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center at Fermilab.

The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit takes place from Nov. 11-13. Register now to attend. Featured speakers include SQMS Center Director and Fermilab Deputy Chief Technology Officer Anna Grassellino as well as  directors of the National Quantum Information Science Research Centers and of the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes. The summit features a public talk by Scott Aaronson, founding director of the Quantum Information Center at The University of Texas at Austin. https://quantumsummit.here.live/ The summit, hosted virtually by the University…

From Center for Data Innovation, Oct. 23, 2020: Fermilab Deputy Director Joe Lykken participates in a panel discussion on the impact quantum computing will have on AI and which sectors might benefit the most from their marriage. A video of the discussion is available in the post.

Calling all fintech leaders and quantum researchers + startups: Register for the Quantum in Finance virtual event on Oct. 21. The event is hosted by P33 and BCG, with keynotes and panel discussions about the potential benefits of quantum in the fintech industry. Registration: http://bit.ly/quantum-in-finance Agenda: http://bit.ly/quantum-in-finance-agenda BCG and P33 are nonprofit partners of the Chicago Quantum Exchange. Based at the University of Chicago, CQE catalyzes research activity across disciplines and member institutions. It is anchored by the University of…