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From The Beacon-News, Feb. 1, 2016: A crowd of at least 2,500 people got the chance to view the facilities as well as exhibits at Fermilab’s Family Open House, which included physics projects offered by students living in neighboring communities including St. Charles, Naperville and Aurora.

From WDCB 90.9, Jan. 25, 2016: Fermilab artist-in-residence Ellen Sandor is no stranger to translating science into visual media. She’s worked with Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA to visualize the invisible. Now she’ll do the same at Fermilab. Listen to this eight-minute radio piece featuring Sandor and Art Gallery curator Georgia Schwender.

Aurora Beacon-News, Jan. 12, 2016: Fermilab has an artist-in-residence program that was launched first through Oak Park artist Lindsay Olson, who completed her year in residence in December, and Chicago artist Ellen Sandor, who is the new artist-in-residence.

Astronomy Magazine, Dec. 10, 2015: This past year, a sky survey uncovered nine dwarf galaxies within 1 million light-years of the Milky Way. And one of the galaxies from this Dark Energy Survey was a prime dark matter target: Reticulum II.