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From Daily Herald, July 10, 2018: There is a patch of suburbia where World Cup excitement is accelerating and loyalties are about to collide: Fermilab, our government’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory in Batavia.

From Scientific American, June 27, 2018: There are plenty of arguments for why the lesser known Greek letter should be as popular as its more famous cousin, pi. Tau is the name given to one of the charged leptons and its partner neutrino, discovered in 2000 at Fermilab.

From Spektrum, July 2, 2018: Woher stammen die Sterne der Milchstraße? Eine Himmelskartierung stößt auf eine Reihe von Besuchern – Sternströme aus fremden Galaxien.

From ABC7 Chicago, June 10, 2018: Fermilab is featured on ABC show Built to Last, picked up by dozens of ABC affiliates. The 13-minute segment includes interviews with Tim Meyer, Valerie Higgins and Rhonda Merchut. Scroll to episode 5. Fermilab segment starts at 1:31.