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From UChicago News, Feb. 26, 2021: The University of Chicago’s Board of Trustees has named Paul Alivisatos as the university’s 14th president. An accomplished leader in higher education and a world-renowned scientist, Alivisatos is currently executive vice chancellor and provost at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a professor and the former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

From Bloomberg Quicktake, Feb. 23. 2021: In this video, Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln adds his perspective on time dilation and how it affects time and gravity. This precise measurement of time will allow scientists to measure plates, large movements deep below earth’s surface and climate change.

Protons are built from three quarks — two “up” quarks and one “down” quark. But they also contain a roiling sea of transient quarks and antiquarks that fluctuate into existence before swiftly annihilating one another. At the Fermilab-hosted SeaQuest experiment, researchers report that that lopsidedness persists in a realm of previously unexplored quark momenta.

From Jornal Da Unicamp, Feb. 18, 2021: Fermilab’s Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment is the largest study ever done on the subject in the world and will investigate the structure of the matter and provide answers on important issues related to the formation of the universe. DUNE has the participation of researchers from more than 100 countries, with Brazil as one of the signatories.

From Nature, Feb. 17, 2021: Fermilab guest composer David Ibbett writes about his latest piece, Neutrino Music, and how bringing artists and scientists together on the stage can help them to communicate the complex beauty of our world in a language that everyone can understand and appreciate.