Main Injector

On Nov. 7, a Fermilab crew moved the cryostat vessel for the DUNE Near Detector Liquid Argon Demonstrator (DUNE ND-LAr) prototyping test stand, also known as ArgonCube 2×2, into the MINOS cavern 100 meters underground. From left to right: Matthew Brock, Thomas Olszanowski, John A. Trebe and Thomas Wicks II. Four prototype ArgonCube TPC modules will be installed in this cryostat in 2023. The prototype modules will undergo testing with the NuMI neutrino beam, powered by Fermilab’s Main Injector accelerator.

Access to Kautz Rd. between MI62 and MI60 will be restricted beginning Thursday, July 28. On July 28, excavation next to the road will begin and the road will be restricted to one lane. Depending on how quickly the excavation progresses, the road is expected to completely close to all traffic beginning Friday, July 29. Please use Indian Creek Rd. to access MI60 and the rest of the Main Injector. Kautz Rd. is expected to reopen in early September. Please…

Survey monument 66565, pictured here, is located next to the Main Injector cooling pond near MI-30. In the background is the Batavia “City of Energy” water storage tank and water being pumped from the tunnel into the pond.