From Chicago Tribune, Feb. 10, 2021: Fermilab scientist Jessica Esquivel makes a habit of sharing the greatness of STEM with girls. This feature discusses several of the ways she fuels up through mentoring Black and brown girls, including the #STEMtag campaign and an upcoming Wikipedia edit-a-thon to recognize the contributions of unacknowledged Black physicists.

From Donne e Scienza, Feb. 5, 2021: In this interview, Fermilab scientist Anna Grassellino talks about quantum computing, her career trajectory, and women and girls in STEM.

From The University of Chicago Physical Sciences, Feb. 8, 2021: Fermilab scientist Richard Kron is retiring from the University of Chicago. He co-founded the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which created the most detailed 3-D maps of the universe and recorded the spectra for more than 3 million astronomical objects. His approach influenced the Dark Energy Survey, which created one of the most accurate dark matter maps of the universe and which Kron will continue to direct.

From Mission Unstoppable, Jan. 26, 2021: Fermilab scientist Jessica Esquivel explains how light particles work with makeup to create a look.

The second installment of “Updates from the Scientific Advisory Council” will be held on the afternoon of Friday, Nov 8, in One West from 2:00 – 3:30pm. The goal of this semi-quarterly meeting is to inform the scientific staff on the activities of the SAC and other information relevant to the scientists at Fermilab. The agenda for this meeting includes, Snowmass 2021 Update,  Operational Excellence, and Climate Survey Recommendations .