Troy Rummler

Many physics degree programs excel at preparing students for an academic career, but more than half of those who complete the programs head to industry instead.

From left: Giorgio Ambrosio, Mau Lopes, Michael Lamm and Daniel Evbota show off the prototype coil module for the Mu2e transport solenoid. The prototype, here mounted on a test stand, will be one of 27 like pieces that guides muons to their target. Photo: Reidar Hahn Mau Lopes has never waited as anxiously for a package as he did for the one that arrived late last month. From the Italian laboratory INFN-Genoa came the completed prototype of one coil module… More »

Lionel Prost of the Accelerator Division inspects the PXIE low-energy beam transport, which is now capable of delivering 10 milliamps of current. Photo: Reidar Hahn Fermilab has paved the first few feet of the long road to a dramatic upgrade of its injection complex. Specifically, it’s 8 feet, the current length of PXIE, a test accelerator that prototypes the front end of the proposed upgrades known as PIP-II. The project accomplished a significant step when researchers recently passed beam through… More »

Hero complex

Scientist Brendan Casey displays his role models on his cubicle wall. Photo: Troy Rummler, OC

Frank McConologue of the Technical Division designs components for Fermilab’s scientific projects. Photo: Reidar Hahn What do you do at Fermilab? Just about everything that’s physically made starts out as a drawing. We design things; we produce drawings. The drawings go to our machine shop or our welders or they go to an outside machine shop or an outside welding outfit. They get made, and we use them in the experiments. How long have you been here? Seventeen years. How… More »