In the news

From Inverse, March 9, 2017: In the latest issue of the Justice League-Power Rangers crossover comic, superheroes gather at the mouth of what seems to be the LHC to discuss how to use it to jump across universes. A Vanderbilt University scientist and others believe LHC collisions could produce the Higgs singlet, which had the power to travel back and forth in time.

From the Chicago Tribune, March 13, 2017: One way Fermilab has been of benefit to the local community is the establishment of Aurora’s SciTech museum, which was opened by a Fermilab physicist in the 1980s.

From Science, March 6, 2017: For more than a decade, multiple experiments have found an unexpected excess in the number of high-energy antielectrons, or positrons, in space. A team led by Fermilab’s Dan Hooper has shown that pulsars, not dark matter annihilation, can indeed produce most or all of the excess.

From CERN Courier, Feb. 15, 2017: CERN makes rapid progress towards prototype detectors for the international DUNE experiment.

From NIU Today, Feb. 1, 2017: The U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation have appointed Michael Syphers, a senior research professor of physics at NIU and former Fermilab physicist, to serve as a member of the national High Energy Physics Advisory Panel.