Dark Energy Survey

From UQ News, Aug. 1, 2018: A scientist from the Dark Energy Survey, which is hosted by Fermilab, is selected for the television program Australian Survivor.

From FAPESP’s Pesquisa, March 2018: International researchers are constantly looking for lighter particles in the hope of finding dark matter, including at the DarkSide-50 experiment, CDMS and the Dark Energy Survey.

From Spektrum, July 2, 2018: Woher stammen die Sterne der Milchstraße? Eine Himmelskartierung stößt auf eine Reihe von Besuchern – Sternströme aus fremden Galaxien.

From Astronomy, Feb. 22, 2018: The supernova, dubbed DES16C2nm, was first detected back in August 2016 by the Dark Energy Survey, which is currently mapping several hundred million galaxies in order to learn more about the mysterious force known as dark energy.