From CERN Courier, May 19, 2017: Former Fermilab archivist and historian Adrienne Kolb recounts how, 50 years ago, U.S. physicists established a new laboratory and with it a new approach to carrying out frontier research in high-energy physics.

Everyone working at National Accelerator Laboratory in the early days knew they were helping to launch something big. Barb Kristen paints a picture of what it was like working at the first office in Oak Brook, Illinois, and later at an office in the Village.

Ruth Pordes was at Fermilab when computing equipment was first being moved into the laboratory offices. The elevated status of computers at the laboratory was made evident on move-in day.

From CERN Courier, April 13, 2017: It took decades for dark matter to enter the lexicon of particle physics. Today, explaining the nature and abundance of dark matter is one of the most pressing problems in the field. Fermilab and University of Chicago’s Dan Hooper and University of Amsterdam’s Gianfranco Bertone review the 80-year history.

I was about to leave one of the lab’s service buildings when in came someone like a streak of lightning.