If one wanted to follow the recipe for the universe, it would call for about 14 parts dark energy, 5 parts dark matter and 1 part visible matter. In a perpetually expanding cosmic landscape that reaches far beyond what even the most powerful telescopes can see, this might be hard to visualize. Physicists Katy Grimm and Katharine Leney found a solution for this: Use this recipe for the cosmos to bake a proportionally correct dark matter cake.

From University of Missouri – Kansas City’s University News, Feb. 6, 2019: Sánchez, a scientist at Iowa State University, is a part of Fermilab’s NOvA neutrino experiment and the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. She also co-leads the ANNIE experiment at Fermilab.

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Recipients of the award have made an impact on their industries, their communities, their alma mater and lives around the world. McBride is one of this year’s 11 CMU Alumni Award recipients. CMU will celebrate the honorees’ achievements and service during CMU’s commencement weekend in May.

Staff install art as artist Jane Barthes takes a photo. Barthes will give a talk on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at noon in the Art Gallery. All are welcome. people, art, arts, Fermilab Art Gallery Photo: Georgia Schwender

Staff install art as artist Jane Barthes takes a photo. Barthes will give a talk on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at noon in the Art Gallery. All are welcome.

Tenacious persistence

Fermilab’s Liz Sexton-Kennedy talks to Symmetry about her lifelong drive to learn and how it led to her current role as chief information officer for Fermilab. Jim Daley spoke to Sexton-Kennedy about her experiences in STEM, her career at Fermilab and a bit about herself.

Carpenter joined the National Accelerator Laboratory Beam Transfer Group in the spring of 1969. He worked on many projects and experiments, but he was most proud of the contributions he made as the experimental area manager for the fixed-target areas. He also was an active social member of the Fermilab community, involved in activities such as swim and tennis recreation, the Fermilab Users Center and the fine arts programs.

As co-coordinator, Gerber has been instrumental in supporting highly successful efforts at the LPC while introducing new programs and shaping the future of the center. Under her leadership, the LPC took a leading role in Run-2 data analyses, detector operation and upgrade efforts. She is looking forward to continuing to support the LPC and its residents.

Heath O’Connell, head of the Core Computing Division Information Resources Department, was recently recognized by the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information for “continued progress in increasing public access to the scientific achievements of your scientists and researchers.”