In the news

From CERN, April 26, 2023: Fermilab, as part of the US Accelerator Upgrade Project team, has helped to successful replace a coil in an HL-LHC niobium–tin quadrupole magnet showcasing this crucial technology’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

From Big Think, April 28, 2023: Cosmic microwave background provides insights into the Universe’s motion, but it doesn’t disprove relativity because it only represents the visible Universe, not the entire Universe. Don Lincoln discusses how Einstein’s theory of relativity still hold proving that there is no absolute motion. As we move through our day, we are stationary and the Universe moves around us.

From Naperville Community Television, April 26, 2023: It wouldn’t be spring at Fermilab without the arrival of the bison calves. Naperville News TV talks with herdsman Cleo Garcia on the lab’s infamous bison herd and the excitement the new baby bison bring each year.

From National Geographic (Spain) April 21, 2023: A little over a year ago, the high-precision measurement of the W boson was announced with an accuracy of 0.01%, twice as great as the best previous measurement. In finding the mass of the W boson to be significantly higher than predicted by theory, it deviates markedly from the Standard Model predictions.

From the Cornell Chronicle, April 24, 2023: Fermilab’s former director, Nigel Lockyer, has been named the new director at the Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education starting May 1. In his new role, he will work closely with CLASSE staff and faculty, and with Cornell leadership to continue to provide world-class research opportunities in accelerator-based science to the Cornell community and beyond.

From UChicago News, April 19, 2023: University of Chicago President Paul Alivisatos and Executive Vice President for Science, Innovation, National Laboratories, and Global Initiatives Juan de Pablo joined DOE and Fermilab leaders and other officials at Fermilab’s Building Fermilab’s Future event. The event marked the opening of the IERC and PIP-II cryoplant buildings and the groundbreaking for the construction of the Linac Complex for the PIP-II accelerator.