In late September, Fire, Security and Medical Department personnel are trained to learn how to proceed in the event a medical helicopter would be needed at the Fermilab site.

Olivier Napoly has worked internationally on a variety of accelerator and collider projects. At Fermilab, he works as a guest scientist, helping to build the PIP-II particle accelerator. As an accelerator physicist, Napoly focuses on every aspect of PIP-II’s construction from design to assembly.

Fermilab recently recognized a group of dedicated employees for their outstanding contributions with Exceptional Performance Recognition Awards. Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer and laboratory leadership presented the awards during a virtual reception on Sept. 29.

A change in the Fermilab organization will take place on November 1, 2021, as Kate Gregory steps down after three years as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to pursue outside interests. Martha Michels, the current Deputy Chief Operating Officer (DCOO), will become the new Acting COO.

A screengrab of many participants on a Zoom call. About a third have cameras on, the rest are camera off.

In August, APS-TD kicked off resource negotiations for the year virtually again. The team shared laughs and virtual pastries while planning fiscal year 2022.

Gary Ross and Chuck Worel of the ESH Interlock Group are retiring. Their last day at the lab will be Aug. 30. Both started at Fermilab in 1973 in the Neutrino Division. (Worel started about four months before Ross.) Stop by the Interlock office or drop them an email at and to wish them good luck in their new adventures.