Katie Yurkewicz

New presentation, letterhead, document and poster templates are now available at the Fermilab Graphics Standards site. These latest upgrades are part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the face we present to the world through our communications matches a modern, international and innovative lab at the forefront of science and technology.

Save the date

Fermilab is turning 50 … in 2017! This may seem like a really early save-the-date for a birthday party, but when you’re celebrating the birth of a 6,800-acre lab with 1,700 employees, 20 bison and the nation’s largest particle accelerator complex, you need to start planning early.

Katie Yurkewicz Katie Yurkewicz, assistant director for communications, wrote this column. The year is 2003. On the news you’re reading about the Human Genome Project, the new Department of Homeland Security, the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy and — no matter how much you try to avoid her — Britney Spears. You’re wondering if you should give up your flip-phone for one of the BlackBerry devices that everyone’s talking about while checking out the new iTunes store on your home dial-up… More »