In the news

From National Science Foundation tumblr, Nov. 7, 2017: NSF Director France Cordova gives highlights of her Oct. 31 visit to Fermilab.

From ASCR Discovery, October 2017: The cosmological search in the dark is no walk in the park. With help from Berkeley Lab, Fermilab aims open-source software at data from high-energy physics. Fermilab’s Oliver Gutsche, Jim Kowalkowski and Saba Sehrish talk about Spark

From SpaceRip, Oct. 27, 2017: In this 7-minute video featuring photography and animated simulations of outer space, Dark Energy Survey Director Josh Frieman talks about DES and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and how these surveys will help us understand dark energy.

From WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, Oct. 17, 2017: Fermilab’s James Annis is among the panel of scientists who discuss the LIGO/Virgo’s detection of gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars and the optical followup.

From The New York Times, Oct. 16, 2017: This is the first time LIGO has discovered anything that regular astronomers could see and study. One of the group of astronomers who spotted the speck of light was led by Marcelle Soares-Santos of Brandeis University and using the Dark Energy Camera.

From Scientific American, Sept. 19, 2017: Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer, Deputy Director Joe Lykken, DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson, theorist Stephen Parke and Northwestern University’s André de Gouvêa help explain how DUNE, the largest experiment ever to probe mysterious neutrinos, could point the way to new physics.