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From NOVA, May 31, 2016: Inside the Fermilab particle accelerator, then Harvard undergraduate Sarah Demers, now a professor at Yale University, used an instrument to look on as protons collided at near light-speed with their opposites—antiprotons—and the resulting particle shards decayed after the cataclysmic blast.

From The 21st, May 5, 2016: Check out this interview between The 21st and Rod Walton, Fermilab environmental consultant, as he helps us get better acquainted with the hoofed beasts that may soon be named the national mammal.

From WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, April 27, 2016: The bison herd at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory just got a little bigger. On Tuesday, the first bison calf of 2016 was born at the particle physics laboratory located in suburban Batavia, roughly 35 miles from Chicago.