Scott Hershberger

From working at the CIA to designing science facilities at Fermilab, Kate Sienkiewicz enjoys tackling complex problems. Currently, she oversees the team tasked with designing and building conventional facilities at the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility near site for the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment — all with the overarching goal of understanding the universe.

David Ibbett, Fermilab’s first guest composer, converts real scientific data into musical notes and rhythms. His latest piece, “MicroBooNE,” will make its world premiere at a virtual concert on Dec. 8. In this audio interview, Ibbett shares a sneak peek of the song and explains his compositional process.

To detect the rare and subtle interactions of dark matter with ordinary matter, the particle detectors for the SuperCDMS experiment must be cooled to temperatures near absolute zero and surrounded by ultrapure copper. From the mine all the way to deployment at SNOLAB, researchers are going to great lengths to ensure the purity of the copper.